During the colder months, many of us have clipped and despite the cold weather, it can be uncomfortable for the horse to have a wash down.  Lifting grease and sweat from clipped and unclipped skin can be more challenging than the summer months which is why it is useful to have a helping hand.

No rinse washes have gained in popularity over recent years as they can help to provide a revitalising and cleansing wash down without the continual requirement for bathing.  NAF have formulated a selection of no rinse washes designed for use all year round.  The choice is yours, each with different essential oils and ingredients targeted towards the health of the coat and its protein based amino acid structure. 

NAF no rinse washes have the unique capability to lift grease and wash away the build-up of sweat from the hair follicle, leaving the coat feeling refreshed and revitalised.  With a safe formulation to provide the maximum benefit, simply adding a couple of capfuls into 5 litres of water makes washing off light work.

Love the Skin He’s in Skin Wash

Leading the way with Love the Skin He’s in Skin Wash, the ultimate soothing blend which can be applied neat or diluted.  From a hot wash after clipping to a gentle no rinse wash, ideal for sensitive skin or for those that experience poor skin conditions in particular throughout the change of seasons.  Safe to use daily and a must have for your first aid kits.

NAF Warming Wash

For those that can feel the cold, the NAF Warming Wash is an ideal choice to provide a no rinse body wash containing ginger, this can help open pores and provide a clear path for unwanted toxins to escape.  While the addition of clary provides a warming sensation as well as being a well-known support for nervous tension.  NAF Warming Wash leaves your horse feeling comforted and their skin clear from unwanted grime.

NAF Lavender Wash

A popular addition to the no rinse wash trio is the NAF Lavender Wash.  With deodorising capabilities as well as being an excellent support for the skin against unwanted microbes.  Lavender has also been used traditionally for calming purposes, as an essential oil itself it can help soothe those tired muscles.

As the skin provides a protective barrier against the environment, it also enables the individual to regulate their temperature while providing their sense of touch.  Throughout the winter months in particular, a good grooming routine helps to loosen any dirt and grime and enables you to keep an eye on what is normal for that individual, no rinse washes should be included in the grooming routine. 

A good coat has a smooth and shiny appearance while a poor one is dry and course with little to no shine.  However, in some cases if the sweat if not removed successfully the coat will look poor and perhaps appear ‘salty’.  Using no rinse washes and grooming will help to keep the coat looking healthy, shiny and rich in its colour.

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