Haas Brushes – a quick guide and why we love them.

Haas Horse Brushes

Haas brushes have been made in the Black Forest in Germany for over 100 years – they’re durable, made from the best components and are designed to last.

Use our guide to their premium brushes to help you choose the best one(s) for your grooming kit.

Step one

The Schimmel – this is the one often described as being ‘for greys’. The truth is it’s a stiff brush made from coconut fibres which is very effective at getting rid of stable stains (hence being most noticeably effective on greys). It’s a useful first brush to also remove dried sweat or mud (although if they’re super muddy then best to start with a curry comb to get the worst off to start with – otherwise you’ll have to clean your lovely brush too!). 

Find it here: The Haas Schimmel Brush

The Parcour – a medium/stiff brush which is made from black and grey horsehair bristles. Another brush to use as a first step to remove dried sweat or mud – perfect if your horse is a sensitive soul and finds the Schimmel a bit too rough! 

Find it here: The Hass Parcour Brush

The Mustang – a mixture of brass wire and synthetic bristles makes this the perfect brush for moulting season or thick, dense coats all year round. Not for short-haired types and definitely not for clipped horses! 

Find it here: The Haas Mustang Brush


Step two

Use a brush with a raised outer and a shorter inner. The combination of natural fibres and bristle length helps get deeper into the coat and brings dust, grease and grime to the surface.

The Cavaliere is the all-rounder. Made from pure mane and tail hair it’s a lovely brush, suitable for all types of horse. The perfect choice if you horses have to share their brushes.

Find it here: The Haas Cavaliere Brush

The Lipizzaner is made from selected horse hairs. Shorter and more densely packed than the Military this is the better choice if your horse’s coat is prone to being greasy.

Find it here: The Haas Lipizzaner Womans Brush

The Military has the longest bristles. Made with softer grey horsehair around the edge this would be the perfect second step brush for the more sensitive horse.

Find it here: The Haas Military Womens Brush

Step three

(if you’re still brushing at this stage then WELL DONE! – your arms must be aching!!)

Pick something soft to clean away the surface dust and help get the coat to lie smooth.

The Fellganz (literally translated as ‘fur shine’). Made from soft, densely woven white horsehair it’s a great ‘posh’ brush. Use when your horse is clean to get rid of the fine dust that’ll settle on the coat after all your hard work. Perfect for shows and for a bit of pampering if you want to give your horse a lovely facial!

Find it here: The Haas Fellglanz Body Brush

The Diamond Gloss. Super soft horsehair and a glittery back. Another great ‘finishing brush’ just with a bit more bling than the Fellganz!

Find it here: The Haas Diamond Gloss Brush

Step four

Because occasionally you just want to use a supersoft pure lambswool brush that feels like something magical…

The Diva is perfect for a last minute sweep just before you go into the showring for a perfect glossy finish or, just because, any other time…. 

Find it here: The Hass Diva Exklusiv Brush

P.s we see a lot of people just standing and stroking this brush. Maybe we should all be getting them for ourselves?!

Anything else I should know about?

These brushes are very nice and should be looked after to get the best out of them. Wash them regularly in warm water with a little bit of very mild shampoo or detergent.

For everyday cleaning consider using the Haas curry comb to remove dirt and dust. The soft flexible plastic is great to use on your horse to get rid of thick, dried on mud but is also much gentler on the natural fibres used in your Haas body brush(es) than a traditional metal curry comb.

Haas Schimmel Brush from RB Equestrian
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