How to measure for a dog coat

Dog coats or dog rugs can be worn all year round with waterproof, snug dog coats perfect for cold winter days, drying coats ideal for after swimming and wet walks, and cooling dog coats perfect for warmer summer days as they can help to keep the dog cool. Like horse rugs, dog coats come in a range of different sizes, and it’s important to get the best fit for your dog to help keep him comfortable,
whenever he’s wearing his coat.

Where to measure a dog for a dog coat?

With horses, you measure from chest to tail, but dogs are a lot easier! With dogs, you just measure from the neck, down the dog’s spine, to the top of the tail where you expect the rug to finish. Start your measurement at the same place as the dog’s collar, or where it would be if he was wearing one. 

Should I measure in inches or centimetres? 

Depending on the manufacturer, some dog coats are sold in inches, and some in centimetres.

With this in mind, it’s best to record the dog’s size in both cm and inches as that then gives you more options when you’re shopping. 

What happens if my dog is between sizes? 

As with horses, you’ll need to decide whether to go a bit shorter or a bit longer in the length. You might also just want to double check your measurements as the point on the neck is where the rug should start. 

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