So you want to buy some studs but need some advice? Let's help.

Here is a short series of helpful tips on studs: 

  • as a general rule you want spikey studs for hard ground and chunky studs for soft ground;
  • try using them in the rear shoes only first. If that’s not enough grip then consider using some in the front shoes too.  Strictly speaking you should use two studs in each shoe to make sure the horse remains correctly balanced;
  • studs are available in 3/8” or 5/16” sizes.  Check with your farrier what size holes are in your horse’s shoes.  3/8” is most common;
  • keep your stud holes clean by ‘stuffing’ them with a specially designed stopper or tightly packed cotton wool;
  • make sure you re-tap your holes before you try to screw your studs in; and
  • keep your studs rust free by storing them in an air-tight container.

What style of studs are there?

Stromsholm Studs are the market leaders in the UK and available to buy at RB Equestrian.

Here’s a guide to their best-selling styles:

  1. Type TS High – ideal stud suitable for most horses for using on harder ground (best-selling style).
  2. Type EL – road studs suitable for hacking, road work and as a ‘starter’ stud.
  3. Type H – suitable for most horses when the ground is good to soft (best-selling style).
  4. Type Rounded Jumping XL – for big horses when the ground is firm.
  5. Type TS XL – for big horses when the ground is very hard.
  6. Type H XL – for big horses when the ground is good to soft.
  7. Type Square Jumping XL – for big horses when the ground is soft.

I need more help?

If you have any specific queries or concerns about what you should buy then please do contact us – we’ll be happy to help by phone (01908 365335), by email ( or visit us in-store.

PLEASE NOTE: the advice in this blog is general so please do contact us for any particular help.