(FULL BIKE FIT £240 for 3-4 hours)


Why have a bike fit?

More comfort – riding a bike should be a pleasure and not a source of pain.

Look after your body – poor fit can be a major contributing factor to overuse injuries.

Increased efficiency – save precious energy and increase your speed!

At Prologue we work with cyclists of all levels from commuters to racing cyclists and from all cycling disciplines including road, time trial/triathlon, mountain bike and cyclocross.

Our approach combines the fitter’s experience with video capture technology and rider feedback. We will personalise your fitting to suit your body, your individual needs and your riding style. At the end of the fit we hope you will have a better awareness of your functional movement on the bike and how you interact with it.

The bike fit process

The Interview – we’ll start by understanding what you hope to get from your fit, your problem areas and any previous or current injuries.

Off the bike assessment – here we’ll look at your body structure, posture, strength and flexibility to see how all this may effect your movement on the bike.

On the bike analysis and adjustments – your current position will be recorded and then analysed dynamically so each contact point can be optimally adjusted. This will include: –

  • Shoe fit/selection, foot support and cleat positioning.
  • Saddle choice and positioning (height & set-back)
  • Handlebar width selection and positioning (height and reach)

Report – after the fit we will provide a summary report with before and after measurements and any further recommendations which may include exercises to improve your strength and flexibility.

Other Services Available: –

Bike Size Assessment (£50 – refundable against bike purchase) – If you’re buying a new bike we want to ensure you get the best fit first time even if the bike is not in stock for a test ride. Make an appointment with our trained fitters who will use the fully adjustable fitting jig to asses your fit and allow you to try different brands and sizes before you buy.

Cleat / Shoe Assessment (£35) – Numb or sore feet? Ill fitting shoes or unsuitable cleat positioning can lead to discomfort and poor foot health. With this service we aim to help you get any shoe or cleat related problems resolved.

Saddle Fitting – (£30 – refundable against any saddle purchase) – We have a number of saddle brands and fitting options available plus the opportunity to try a number of our test saddles during a single session on the fitting jig.

Our bike fitter:

Our bike fitter Craig Stevenson has proved his worth as the training expertise behind the successful Commonwealth Gold and Silver medallists Harry and Charlie Tanfield, British Cycling XCM Champion, Amy Souter, age group World Ironman Champion, Clive Kennedy-Burn and many other outstanding athletes.

Craig has spearheaded training the ‘Vitfor way’ based on tried-and-tested science and leading-edge technology combined with an intuitive personal touch which puts the individual at the heart of their training program.

His areas of speciality include cycling, running and triathlon coaching from novice to pro, VO2 Max and CPE testing and biomechanical bike fitting – oh, and just for fun, he’s also a qualified dive instructor!