A single speed bike is a bicycle with a single gear ratio and a lot fewer components than the traditional multi-gear bike. Parts such as derailleurs, multi chainrings, and multiple gears are not necessary for this style of bike. The single chainring, one available gear, and no derailleur all contribute to making the single speed bicycle easy to handle. The design provides a host of benefits for the rider. Read on as we highlight the main advantages of the bike.

Low costs

As we know, the single speed bike benefits from having reduced components and parts. Having fewer parts doesn’t only make the handling easier, but the costs are lower too. Fewer parts mean that cyclists are not having to make as many replacements or repairs. In fact, repairs are often easier meaning that owners can perform their own fixes at home if needed. Despite this, it is still widely recommended that a regular chain clean and lube is undertaken. Maintenance aside, single speed bicycles are generally more affordable to buy due to having fewer parts.


If fitness is your main motivation for cycling, there is no better option than the single speed bike. Multi-gear bike riders have the advantage of pedalling with fewer strokes by dropping down gears. With the single-speed road bike, cyclists must build up strength and lung power to conquer hills on one gearing ratio. Although physically challenging, cyclists are often praising the mental fortitude that is developed through tackling tough terrain.

Commuting bike

The best single speed bikes on the market are often bought for commuting. Their simplistic design facilitates riders to carry bike bags and other cycling accessories. This makes the bike ideal for commuting to work or completing deliveries. The lightweight frame is perfect for weaving through the city streets with ease. It is no wonder why this style of bike is so popular among city commuters.


The single speed bicycle is simple. The fewer components allow for easy handling, perfect for new riders. The bike’s speed and movement are solely powered by the rider’s pedalling. This is due to the traction on the wheels not being lost during speed changes, which is often highlighted as a drawback of mountain bikes.

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