Have you been involved in a accident? Cams are there to help!

As we approach the end of another busy year our relationship with Cams Cycling has benefitted many cyclists around the country. Cam’s supports cyclists who have been involved in an accident which was not their fault, when the chips are down, knowing you have a strong company looking out for you to remove some of the stress and lets you recover in peace. In most cases, the rider needs to get back on the bike as soon as possible, apart from missing the fitness side the mental lift of cycling is also very important. Cams understand this and aim to get your bicycle replaced within 2-4 weeks, they know the benefit we get from our hobby and aim to make it as simple as possible. With our race team being sponsored by Cams this season it has really got the name out there, riders from all over the country have been made aware of what Cams do and the professional level of service they provide. Why do Cams understand what cyclists need, simple they all ride bikes, they go on group rides together in the UK and trips on the continent, from mountain bikers to ex road pros they all have many miles and years experience.

One of our staff members was involved in an accident which Cams represented, this is what he had to say.

I was already aware of what cams offered, I just didn’t think I would ever need it. Riding into work on my usual route I was hit from behind, no warning just a sudden feeling of being stopped in my tracks. Fell to the side which luckily was on the grass verge, I still managed to get a few injuries, but nothing a few days of rest and physio treatment would not sort out. My main concern was my commuting bike, it was not only my transport but also my training bike. The main frame had been cracked with wheels and gears all damaged beyond repair, this caused some stress as I thought it would take a while to get something sorted. From the first engineers’ report to receiving the money for a replacement was 16 days, very happy and impressed with the level of service received. Friends of mine who have gone through British Cycling have had to wait months rather than days for a replacement bike. I would highly recommend Cams to anyone who has been in an accident. JN

A customer was involved in an accident on his race bike. He tells us about his experience.

As they sponsor the Primera race team Cams were already on my radar! Training after work with a friend through the forest was a regular session. No drama, we know the roads well and rode in single file as we passed a few horses grazing on the roadside. Suddenly on our side of the road, we were faced with an oncoming car, at speed. No time to react and we made impact, I ended up on the roadside after hitting a fence, not a nice ending to a quality ride. At first, the driver who was not local jumped out and could not apologise enough and admitted he was in the wrong, until the next day! It all changed and he suddenly started to blame us. I felt upset by the situation which was not my fault which left me in pain and with a broken bike. I made contact with Primera and Cams, and my mind was put at rest, from the first call I felt at ease. I was not going to be back on the bike for a few weeks but wanted to get my bike sorted ready for getting out again. A complete write-off as the carbon frame was cracked, 4 weeks later I picked up my new bike from Primera in Poole and although I could not use it, it still made me feel better seeing it there as I counted down the days of my injuries repairing. At races throughout the year, I talk to riders who have used Cams after seeing the Primera race team at events, and all have very positive results. AM

If you are unfortunately involved in an accident, always call Primera or Cams and let us talk you through the process. We have no doubt that our race team has helped cyclists around the country become aware of what Cams offer and the services they provide. The Primera-TeamJobs team race 3 times a week in the season, all round the UK, we get asked all the time ‘what do Cams do’ and we are always happy to talk about the service they provide. We are a cycling community, we all look out for each other and spread good news far and wide.

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