The new Specialized Kenevo SL has arrived. Available to order now, the Kenevo SL is all you need to slay even the most treacherous monster trails. 

Update: 18/04/23 – Our Specialized Kenevo SL range is now up to 30% off!

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Specialized has set the benchmark for E-MTB handling. The new Kenevo is lighter, super reliable and more responsive than its predecessors. Highlights include the six-way adjustable geometry, a super-light carbon fibre frame and the intuitive Turbo Super Light System.

Here’s all you need to know on why Kenevo SL is built to slay trails…


“All you need to slay even the most treacherous monster trails…”

Super Light

Power up to trail riding’s next level with the Kenevo Super Light and rip the biggest trails like never before. Created by trail riders for trail riders, Kenevo SL is an E-MTB in a class of its own; a previously unattainable combination of lightweight, responsiveness and capability. The acclaimed trail prowess of Specialized’s Enduro, amplified by the intelligent Turbo Super Light System, gives you the power to overcome any obstacle that has been your nemesis… until now.

Frame of Reference

The full monocoque FACT 11M Carbon Fibre Frame is the backbone of the Kenevo SL and is a marvel of composite construction. Kenevo is now fully optimized for handling and weight savings. Chassis stiffness is tuned to eliminate unwanted flex, ensuring that front and rear wheels track with precision for predictable control.


The Geometry of Control

Specialized have designed the Kenevo SL to set the benchmark for all-mountain E-MTB handling, adding six-way adjustability to the acclaimed geometry of the Enduro. Regardless of where or how you ride, the Kenevo Super Light can be tuned to deliver exactly the ride you want thanks to its adjustable geometry.

Head angle can be set at 62.5, 63.5, or 64.5-degrees. Bottom bracket height can be fine-tuned up or down by 6mm.

Six Bars of Suspension Perfection

Pioneered in the crucible of DH World Championship victory, refined on the acclaimed Enduro, this Six Bar linkage design allows amazing things to happen:

Axle path is optimized for bump force management, anti-rise and anti-squat are tuned for pedalling performance, braking forces are decoupled from the system, leverage rate can be tuned separate from axle path, sideloading of the shock is eliminated, AND suspension mass is centralized for enhanced handling.


You, Amplified

The Turbo Super Light System motor/controller at the core of the Kenevo SL delivers seamless power, in the form of up to “2x You” rider amplification. Sophisticated algorithms and rider developed software within the integrated controller respond instantaneously to your pedal inputs, boosting efforts with an incredibly natural, intuitive delivery of up to 240 watts of power and 35 Nm of torque.

It’s still you pedalling, but it’s a stronger version of you; delivering power and torque so smoothly that you find traction in even loose, steep terrain where other bikes spin out.


Ride Long, Ride Far, Ride Better

The Turbo Super Light motor and 320Wh battery are integrated and centralized in the chassis. This improves handling responsiveness by decreasing the moment of inertia whilst also powering up to 4.5 hours of ride support. (Want to go bigger? No problem! Plug in the 160Wh Range Extender battery and you’re set for up to almost 7 hours total supported ride time.)


With a new lighter, more capable build and a focus on reliability, Specialized has built the Kenevo SL to dominate any trail.

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