The new Santa Cruz Bronson V4 has arrived! Available to order today, the Bronson is the workhorse trail bike that refuses to be labelled. With 150mm rear travel, the Bronson can go deep on any landing and its VPP™ suspension ensures there’s zero wasted energy when heading back up for another go. 

Santa Cruz’s demo crew have a saying:  “If in doubt, take a Bronson out.” Here’s everything you need to know on why Bronson’s versatility & range speaks for itself…


If in Doubt…

Santa Cruz Bronson is the easy choice for the undecided rider. You know what’s hard about choosing what model of Santa Cruz suits you? It’s having to narrow down what kind of riding you want to do. But what if you don’t want to be pinned down by labels? What if you want to just be a mountain biker in the broadest sense of the word? What if you want to choose how you ride rather than what to ride? If this sounds familiar, then try a Bronson.


Mullet Time

Santa Cruz is rolling with the times, and their new wheel configuration is something special indeed. Bronson has never been afraid to try new things (and be damn good at them too) so it makes sense that Santa Cruz selected this bike to be their mixed wheel front-runner. A 29er front wheel serves up high-speed stability and high-rolling confidence, while the 27.5” hoop out back makes for an intuitive and highly manoeuvrable rear end that loves to get sideways around the most ragged of switchbacks.

Here’s why you should go mullet:

  • Confidence & responsiveness. Great front end traction, quicker to respond to rear wheel inputs. Also, optimized chainstay length and more butt clearance.
  • Best for riders who are seeking the composure of a 29er but appreciate quick handling… and those who love it steep.
  • Excels at keeping the front end trucking smoothly while still retaining an ability to turn in quickly.

Refined VPP™ Suspension

For Santa Cruz, more experience means more refinement. The already excellent VPP™ Suspension Platform gets even better.

Next-generation VPP™ uses a longer stroke shock for lower overall leverage while still offering a progressive, linear rate. Lower leverage makes for a familiar, but more composed evolution of VPP™. Lower instant centre and anti-squat make for far less chain influence on the suspension: resulting in less pedal feedback. The main advantage of this is unbeatable bump-absorbing prowess and increased pedalling efficiency; reducing wasted energy when it’s time to head back up for another turn.

Dialled In

If you’ve been following the last few launches, you will know that Santa Cruz tweak and hone their geometry to the nth degree. Compared to its predecessors, Santa Cruz Bronson V4 is now:

  • .9° slacker
  • 15mm longer reach
  • 20mm higher stack

Bronson also now sports scaled chainstays, ensuring that the back of the bike fits just as good as the front. By dialling this parameter in, everyone gets that perfect between-the-wheels position that makes a bike feel like it’s on rails. While they were at it, Santa Cruz gave seat tube angles a size-by-size adjustment. No matter your size, these new bikes feel more custom than ever.


Built to Last

Why scrap a frame when a simple bearing service can make one last a lifetime? That’s the Santa Cruz stance on sustainability at least, and it’s why their carbon fibre doesn’t just mean lighter, it means tough as hell. The Bronson’s details are completed by a neat mud flap to protect the rear shock plus tidy cable routing within the frame and swingarm, and rubberized DT protectors to shrug off strikes.

And remember…  Santa Cruz keeps it simple: Easy to work on. Easy to find parts for. Built to last.

To find out more and secure your own Santa Cruz Bronson, view the individual product pages, contact us via Live Chat, or get in contact with your local Leisure Lakes Bikes store!