The new Cannondale Synapse has arrived. Available today, the Synapse is set to reinvent the way you ride.

The Synapse has been dubbed a genre-definer for a reason. Considered a benchmark in endurance road cycling, it’s the perfect blend of supple smooth handling, blistering speed & lightweight manoeuvrability.

Cannondale continues to innovate with its latest iteration, with SmartSense safety-enhancing tech bringing something completely new to the arena. Wherever the road takes you, roll with Synapse – their most comfortable, all-around, up-for-anything, pure road machine.

So Smooth.
With Synapse, comfort is built-in. Discreet flex zones in the rear triangle, seat tube and seatpost absorb road chatter and bumps without adding weight or isolating you from the ride experience.

So Fast.
Lightweight carbon construction. Subtle aerodynamic shaping of the frame and fork. Size-specific design for perfectly tuned stiffness. It all adds up to a machine that loves to fly.

So Capable.
With a comfortably balanced riding position, confidence-inspiring handling, room for 35mm wide tires for cushion and grip, and plenty of gear/bottle mounts, Synapse is ready to rock on any road, anywhere.

So Brilliant.
Ride assured, with increased visibility and enhanced awareness out on the road. The SmartSense system of integrated lights and rear-facing radar makes it easy to ride smart.


SmartSense allows you to connect to the road like never before. Discrete adaptive lights & sensors are all fueled from the same central battery and can be tweaked via the app to your heart’s content. Simply turning the wheel or using the app will engage the sensor and reactive lights – a fully integrated awareness & visibility system that responds to your surroundings.

The intelligent radar scans the road behind up to 140m, displaying the vicinity of any approaching vehicles clearly on your chosen device. Cannondale know changes in light pattern help drivers perceive depth – so their reactive lights adapt to let them know where you are.

Convenience hard-wired into the bike; all powered by a single removable battery. Full unification delivers peace of mind, so you can focus on the road and be prepared for a day-long epic!

Cannondale Synapse is available in L, RL & RLE models, with each model featuring different additional extras.

R – Radar
L – Lights
E – Electronic Gears

Road Reimagined

Behind this innovative technology is the same excellent endurance bike; albeit now with greater 35mm tyre clearance, a threaded bottom bracket and more capability to stray from the roads & tackle more demanding terrain.

  • Wide Ranging Capabilities – Clearance for 35mm tyres lets you venture beyond the perfectly paved with comfort and grip – or ride through the wet season with full fenders.
  • Specially Smooth – Comfort and control you feel, not see. Everything you need for a bump-absorbing smooth ride is engineered into the frame shape and carbon layup – giving you a light, sleek ride that’s unlike anything else.
  • Tuned for the Rider – The Proportional Response size-specific construction creates optimal frame stiffness & compliance for each frame size, so that every rider experiences Synapse’s glorious ride feel.
  • Mount Up – Mounts and eyelets galore means you can equip Synapse for whatever the day has in store, including full fender compatibility. Even rain can’t keep Synapse down.
  • SmartSense Equipped – SmartSense is connected and ready from the first spin of the wheel, so you can hit the road with less pre-ride fiddling.
  • To find out more and secure your own Synapse, view the individual product pages, contact us via Live Chat, or get in contact with your local Leisure Lakes Bikes store!