The revolutionary Orbea Vibe has arrived. Available today, the Vibe blends urban functionality with a distinctly clean look. Maximizing style and efficiency, the Vibe is built for the fast-paced, grab-and-go lifestyle. Orbea’s incredibly lightweight design, internal battery and discreet cables give the Vibe its versatility and striking aesthetic. Here’s just a few reasons why Orbea’s new urban E-bike has such positive vibes…



The Orbea Vibe features Internal Cable Routing, carefully guided along the best path under the stem and through the head tube. With no rub or rattle, it’s also optimized for both traditional and electronic shifting systems. Orbea’s proprietary headset spacers smooth airflow and offer easy adjustment.

On flat bar models, brake levers route the hydraulic hoses under the bar for a sleek appearance, keeping the Vibe minimalistic and clutter-free.


Fully integrated lighting is just one standout feature to enhance your ride. Vibe is safer and more functional with head and tail lamps that announce your presence day and night. With full-time running lights and an optional high beam light, Vibe is always ready for the road. Integrated lighting functions include:

  • Daytime running lights
  • High Beam optional or standard by model


Vibe is designed as a tool as well as a fun way to get around the city or any urban area. To escape the car and skip riding the bus, Vibe can be configured with plenty of cargo capacity. Fenders keep your pants and shoes dry when the roads are wet, and an integrated kickstand mount is stable and strong for parking the Vibe anywhere you like!


The Orbea Vibe has only one external wire connection, allowing the rear wheel to be removed from the bike. This cable is tucked neatly under the chainstay and hidden with a smoothly-integrated cover. The battery access port under the BB is similarly invisible, and the headset cover blends neatly into the top tube. After all, what’s the point of designing a great-riding bike and forgetting the design details?



Orbea’s Enough Energy concept is a new way to ride and Vibe is a new kind of E-Bike – minimalist and fully integrated with no bulky components to reduce the riding experience, bringing you closer to the sensation that less “e” can ultimately deliver more “bike.”


The heart of the Vibe is the rear hub motor, and the key component in the Enough Energy concept. The sophisticated drive system provides enough smooth and reliable assistance at levels designed to amplify your input as discreetly as possible. And since the Vibe’s motor is at the hub, you’ll experience almost drag-free pedalling when Vibe is not providing a push. The sophisticated Torque Simulation Algorithm mirrors your power input through the pedals to apply more assistance when you expect it and conserve energy when you’re spinning easily.


The battery is one of the most noticeable components of an E-Bike system. Orbea have taken every step necessary to find the lightest, smallest and most discreet unit. Vibe’s Enough Energy concept provides you enough battery power, not more. It eliminates the need for a bulky, high-output battery that needs to be removed from the bike.


The Vibe’s control centre is an attractive and discreet handlebar-mounted switch, putting function at your fingertips, never having to remove your hands from the bar. It’s features include:

  • On, off and light control
  • Battery & assist level
  • Information by RBG led
  • Smart & compact


Vibe does away with clutter, not requiring a multitude of wires, ports or accessories. The CAN (Controller Area Network) bus port provides a single interface for charging, system diagnosis or attaching the Range Extender.

  • Single port for charger and range extender
  • Coded connection
  • Max. 2A for charging
  • System diagnosis via CAN, computer or Bluetooth
  • Weather-proof integrated cover


The Vibe’s smooth and balanced assist requires an advanced sensor. Blending perfectly with Orbea’s effort to create a sleek and discrete system, the cassette lock ring is replaced with a PAS sensor that monitors your pedaling input and adjusts power accordingly.

  • 40 Pulses per second
  • Magnetized lock ring sensor
  • Proprietary algorithm & electronics



Orbea manipulate the shapes and wall-thickness of their aluminium tubing to increase strength and resistance to unwanted flex. Many of the tubes are butted to save weight in the middle of the tubes, away from the stress of the joints and the weld zones. Orbea use aluminium technologies as advanced as their carbon manufacturing, ensuring their aluminium bikes are never second-best.


The carbon layup and shaping of the Vibe’s fork offers an unbeatable combination of elasticity, tyre clearance and torsional stiffness. The fork legs also sport integrated fender mounts.


Designing a new lightweight bottom bracket shell for the Vibe allowed Orbea to dramatically improve stiffness, create easier battery access and more room for internal cable routing all while increasing clearance for tyres and fenders. Not to mention it looks really great, too!

The forged dropouts combine mounting points for fenders and racks, and provide plenty of stiffness and room for the hub motor axle nuts. The left side of the bike has an integrated mounting point for the Vibe kickstand.


Orbea Urban Geometry anticipates how riders will use bikes in the city. A more upright position for better vision and comfort keeps you feeling secure and in control. Balance is perfect and steering is responsive without feeling too fast. A mid frame option makes it easy to step through the frame for those with less mobility or restrictive clothing.


The Orbea Vibe can crush even the toughest commute. Seamlessly integrated lights, easy storage options and superb range – the Vibe keeps it simple so you can focus on the ride!

To find out more and secure your own Orbea Vibe, view the individual product pages, contact us via Live Chat, or get in contact with your local Leisure Lakes Bikes store!