The right size bike is essential to give kids the best start in cycling. Ensure the best experience and comfort with our guide below!

Our brand Size Guides feature kid’s bikes where necessary, but below is a broad guide so you can get a general idea of what size you need.

This chart is only for guidance and to give a rough idea of what wheel size you need. Kids all grow at different rates so there is some overlap in terms of minimum and maximum height.

The best way to find the perfect bike is always by visiting your local Leisure Lakes Bikes store!

Wheel SizeAge Minimum Height Maximum Height
12″2-388cm (2’8)107cm (3’5)
14″488cm (2’8)107cm (3’5)
16″595cm (3’1)114cm (3’7)
18″6114cm (3’7)122cm (4’0)
20″7114cm (3’7) 129cm (4’2)
24″8129cm (4’2)132cm (4’3)
26″9+132cm (4’3)147cm (4’8)