Big, Bad & Rad.

Santa Cruz has unveiled their latest evolution of the Megatower, and the brand-new V2 promises to surpass the iconic legacy of its predecessor.

Available in-stock today, the new Megatower turns everything up a notch; lower leverage ratio, reimagined geometry and convenient Glovebox™ downtube storage, meaning you don’t have to strap anything to the outside of this gorgeous machine. 

But this is just the tip of the iceberg, here’s why Megatower V2 is heralded as the perfect choice for big gravity rides and DH park laps…

VPP™ Returns

Megatower V2 is kitted out with Santa Cruz’s very own proprietary suspension platform, the Virtual Pivot Point.   

With an increase in travel to 165mm, the V2 is ready to soak up craggy terrain and the biggest hits. 

The relatively-low leverage ratio not only makes setup easier but delivers a more damped, controlled feel across the travel range. In addition to this, all models are built around a 170mm fork and easy-rolling 29er.

Smash It Up

Dubbed the “ultimate privateer race bike”, Megatower V2 is rock-solid and ready for whatever you can throw at it. But just in case, it’s reassuringly supported with a lifetime bearing replacement.

The V2 has been tool built for the most severe duty, its durable pivots are completely serviceable with a multitool for any swift trailside repairs.

C & CC?

All frames are created equal… Sort of.

All versions of the Megatower feature a sculpted, lightweight carbon frame. They’re also all clad in stunning Translucent Blue or Matte Nickel. The main difference lies in the C & CC options, both frames are constructed from the very best materials and production processes available, but the CC frames run a little lighter (approx. 300g) for that extra touch of weight-saving speed.


Why mess up that immaculate paint job by strapping tubes & tool packs to your frame? Store everything you need for a ride in Glovebox™, the convenient trapdoor in your downtube that’s sealed with an air-tight high-quality latch!

Glovebox™ is also provided with a Tool Wallet and Tube Purse, two refined pouches for keeping your essentials close to hand.

Tailored Fit

The steep seat tube angle of the Megatower puts you in the right place to scale the steepest pitches and nail the absolute wildest descents. But what’s even better, it gets progressively steeper as the sizes get larger so everyone sits in just the right spot.

In addition to this, the chainstay length has been matched to the frame size so every rider, no matter their height, gets that same impeccably balanced geometry.

Available from size Small to XXL, there’s really a Megatower for everyone.

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Santa Cruz Megatower 2 S C Mountain Bike 2023 Translucent Blue – RRP £6,599.00

Santa Cruz Megatower 2 GX AXS C Mountain Bike 2023 Matte Nickel – RRP £7,899.00

Santa Cruz Megatower 2 X01 CC Mountain Bike 2023 Matte Nickel – RRP £8,399.00