On the hunt for the perfect gift for the cyclist in your life? Whether you’ve drawn them in the office secret santa or want to really splash the cash we’ve got a range of gifts that any cyclist would love to open come Christmas morning!

Under £75

ASSOS sweatbands 

With most cyclists jumping on the turbo at this time of the year, accessories to make the time on the turbo that bit more bearable are always welcome! No matter how well ventilated a ‘pain cave’ is, sweat management is essential so you don’t slip when doing that full gas sprint for the line, or just changing the song on your phone.


Syncross multi tool

Winter can be super hard on bikes with more water than usual on the roads and the dreaded grit that can soon grind away parts. There’s nothing worse than being stood at the side of the road without the correct tool to get you back on the road. Syncross have a range of multi-tools to suit everyone, from the minimalist to the rider who wants to be able to fix anything, anywhere.

Syncross multi tool from £12.99

Supacaz Sticky Kush bar tape

Let’s face it, there’s few things better than getting a new bike for Christmas, but how often does that happen? A set of fresh bar tape can rejuvenate your bike and make it feel fresh again, ready to take on the new year. If Supacaz is good enough for Peter Sagan, then it’s probably good enough for you! It’s also super comfy, and grippy which is always good!

Supacaz Sticky Kush bar tape £33

Muc-off cleaning kits

Whether you’re a winter warrior or hunker down on the turbo for winter, you want a clean and functioning bike come Springtime. Muc-Off have the perfect solution, whatever the rider. With both indoor and outdoor specific kits, there’s no excuses to not have a gleaming bike!

Kits start from £19

Specialized S-Works Turbo Cotton tyres

Often overlooked, a good set of tyres can completely change the characteristics of a bike. Our top pick for roadies is the Specialized S-Works Turbo Cotton tyre. Ridden in the World Tour, these are a seriously quick tyre. With the timeless looks thanks to the tan sidewall, great grip and low rolling resistance thanks to the Gripton compound, these are sure to make any cyclist go that bit quicker.

Specialized S-Works Turbo Cotton tyre £65

Specialized Flux 250R rear light

Serious roadies can put in serious miles. Most of those miles occur in the daytime when bright conditions mean you need a super strong light to stand out to motorists. The Flux 250R does this whilst not interrupting the clean lines of a top tier road bike. There’s no reason not to be seen whilst being fast now.

Specialized Flux 250 R rear light £65

Under £250

Specialized Trail pants

Most riders will say riding trousers need to do two things – look good and offer protection against the elements. Specialized have nailed both with their new trail pants. Made from a woven, breathable fabric, you won’t overheat but they can take a few spills whilst you nail that line. The fabric also allows enough stretch to run pads underneath whilst being fitted enough to not get in the way.

Specialized Trail Pants £110

Specialized Tactic 4 helmet

A firm favourite amongst the J’s Cycle Shack staff, the tactic 4 combines exceptional fit, coverage, eyewear integration and ventilation. Available in a range of colours, there’s sure to be one that will match any style. Check out our first ride review here.

Specialized Tactic 4, available in a range of colours, £110

Muc-Off Power Washer

The first purpose built pressure washer designed specifically for bikes. The bundle includes all you need to get your bike looking super fresh, whilst also looking out for those delicate bearings, surfaces and suspension parts. The bundle includes three lances to cover specific cleaning needs. The party piece is the snow foam lance that turns a bottle of Nano Tech Bike Cleaner into the ultimate dirt destroying snow foam.

Muc-Off Power Washer, £119.99

Specialized Mode helmet

As more people now use electric bikes for transport, Specialized recognised there was a need for a helmet that isn’t super aero or light weight. Introducing the Mode, designed to fit just right and keep you feeling and looking cool. Its clean elegant lines deliver more than modern style and they integrate hidden vents for increased airflow so you stay cool even when the temps rise.

Specialized Mode Helmet, available in 3 colours, £100


There’s no denying that most riders are data geeks, whether it’s speed, distance, heart rate or power, they love to know it all! The Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT combines all these into a sleek, aero head unit. When you take into account the great mapping, meaning you’ll never take a wrong turn again, this is a quality gadget that any rider would be happy to have on their handlebars.

Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT, £249.99

Over £250

Specialized S-Works Ares shoes

Seen on the feet of countless sponsored and non-sponsored riders in the World Tour, the all new Specialized S-Works Ares shoes bring a sock like fit and insane power transfer to your feet. Available in a range of colours to suit any style, these are one serious kick upgrade.

Specialized S-Works Ares, £375

Park Tool AK-5 advanced tool kit

Legendary tool makers, Park Tool, have pulled together this tool kit that serves as a great home mechanic set. From servicing, to cleaning, to making minor repairs, this kit will more than likely have the tool for the job. It even includes the latest edition of the ‘big blue book’ so you can learn how to always have a smooth running bike.

Park Tool AK-5 advanced tool kit £299


Yes, this is the jacket that you will most likely have seen that costs, £575. Is it expensive? Yes. Is it really good? Yes. There’s no shying away from the fact that the Equipe RS Winter Jacket is expensive. But if you’re buying for someone who goes out in all weather, no matter what, there isn’t a better piece of kit on the market. Super warm, yet breathable and with a fantastic cut, this is a jacket that will serve any cyclist for many years, long after they have forgotten about the cost.


Specialized Rockhopper

The Specialized Rockhopper brings performance to a price point to suit most people. Specialized have taken what they have learnt from their top end race bikes and put it into this serious trail ready bike. Few bikes give you this much bang for your buck.

The Rockhopper range starts at £549.99

Specialized Turbo Kenevo SL Expert

Take trail riding to the next level, combine legendary handling and all-around big trail prowess and a super light electric support and you get one seriously capable, light weight, and powerful bike to conquer more and bigger trails.

Specialized Turbo Kenevo SL Expert, £8750

Pinarello Dogma F

Not many bikes can claim to have a track record like the Pinarello Dogma. Having been ridden to victory at seven of the last ten Tours de France, this is one of the most complete road bikes currently on the market. Lightweight, yes. Aerodynamic, yes. Next level handling, yes. The Dogma F has built on the winning formula and partnership with Team INEOS to change the game, again.

Prices start from £11,000 depending on build specification. 


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