We had a lovely catch up with Dawn who owns the gorgeous Twilight and here are her answers for our Q&A.

  1. Do you have anything lucky that you will not be without on a competition day?
    Sorry, no lucky item for me!
  2. What is your favourite and least favourite food?
    Cheese and Chocolate (we hope not together) has to be my favourite and anything offal (heart, kidneys, liver) related being the worst.
  3. What is your favourite song?
    Oh there’s too many to choose from Dire Straits to Def Leopard to Tom Grennan and everything in between.
  4. If you were starring in a film, who would you pick to play you and why?
    Pass – struggling with this one.
  5. What is your least favourite horsey job?
    Clipping!! I always leave it as late as possible and try to get away with just doing it once!
  6. Do you have a winter timesaving tip you can share with us?
    Do all your haynets for the week in daylight at the weekend! Then you not battling with the wind and rain trying to do them in the dark. The trials and tribulations of haynets continue!!
  7. Who do you use as your trainer?
    We use a few, Alex Hardwick (International GP dressage rider) and Claire Fielding (Professional 3* event rider) are both very local to me, and regularly at clinics with John Adams.
  8. What is the one piece of horsey kit you cannot be without?
    My Albion Legend K2 gp saddle, we tried literally loads to find one suitable for both me and Twilight and this is the perfect fit.
  9. What is your favourite colour?  
    Sky Blue
  10. Which sportsperson (from any sphere) do you admire most and why?
    William Fox-Pitt and Carl Hester for the way they come across and the way they train their horses.
  11. If you could pick any horse (not one of your own) to do one competition on, which one and why?
    Ros Canter’s Lordships Graffalo as he looks divine, any horses that can do what he did at WEG as a 10 year old is something special (hats off to Ros for making it look so easy too).
  12. Where is your dream holiday?
  13. If you were an animal, what would you be and why?
    A cat, they have it super easy! Or I’d be Twilight as he is treated like a King!
  14. What is your favourite product stocked by Forelock and Load?
    Has to be Bombers Bits, we wouldn’t be where we are now if it wasn’t for them.