Bombers Titanium Eggbutt McHardy

We had none other than Olympic Eventing superstar Caroline Powell trialling some new bits for us!

We went over to see Caroline on a bright sunny morning armed with some new Titanium Bombers Bits for her to trial on her horses.

The first one we are looking at is the Titanium Eggbutt McHardy. This snaffle is BD legal, making it also legal for British Evening and FEI.

Bombers Titanium Eggbutt McHardy

For those who are not familiar with the McHardy it is very similar in looks, to the best selling Bombers Happy Tongue. It is in fact a Happy Tongue that has been cut in half through the port and the Buster Roller has been added. The port of the bit creates space for the tongue and the roller in the middle increases the bar pressure and this should help to bring the nose back in.

Caroline has been using this bit on a couple of horses and found it to be particularly useful for a horse who draws its tongue back. This horse also plays excessively with the bit and was using that as an evasion.

With using the Bombers Titanium Eggbutt McHardy, the eggbutt has been giving some stability against the face. It also prevents the mouthpiece from sliding through the mouth, and you can get a more accurate fit without a risk of pinching.

Caroline found that this horse was much more settled in the work and not fussing at all with the mouth. It was very clear that the horse was really happy with the lightweight feel of the metal along with the shape for its mouth. Titanium as a metal is non reactive, is warm to the touch and anti bacterial which all helps with a fussy horse.

Bombers Titanium Eggbutt McHardy