The modern day riding hat can be kept clean and fresh in a variety of different ways. Many of the hats now have removeable liners, allowing you to pop the liner in the washing machine. This not only cleans and reinvigorates the padding in the liner but it also removes any mould and odours.

Riding helmets really do need to be looked after correctly and it is important to use products which are formulated for the job.

We do not recommend putting your riding helmet into the the dishwasher, washing machine or sending it away to be dry cleaned.

If your hat doesn’t have a removeable liner, we recommend using the Charles Owen Helmet Cleaner and Deodorant.

Charles Owen 2 in 1 Hat Cleaner and Deodoriser.

The Charles Owen helmet cleaner and deodoriser provides a simple and quick cleaning solution. The product has been recently relaunched and is an eco formula which gently breaks up dirt and grease and effectively removes sweat, make up, sunscreen and dust. The deodorising agents also neutralise any bacteria and leave your riding hat smelling fresh with a subtle scent of lemon and grapefruit. It really is so easy to use, spray onto the lining of your riding hat and then leave it to dry in a cool place.

Step by step guide to clean your riding helmet

  1. Spray the Charles Owen Helmet Cleaner and Deodoriser on to the headband of your riding hat.
  2. Leave for 2-3 minutes to allow the cleaner the time to break down the dirt and sweat.
  3. Taking a damp cloth, gently work the product into the headband. Please make sure the cloth is well wrung out and you do not excessively wet the headband.
  4. Repeat the whole way around the inside of the riding hat.
  5. Using a soft brush or damp cloth gently wipe the outside of your riding hat to remove any surface dirt.
  6. Once you have completed the above steps, leave your riding hat in a cool dry place to dry. We never recommend riding helmets being placed on radiators, AGA’s, in front open fires or left in the sun.
Riding Helmet

If you are unsure on how to clean your hat or if the fit doesn’t feel quite right, do pop in and we will help.