We are regularly asked about fitting the Bomber Happy Tongue

As many of you know we offer a bespoke bitting service and bit hire for the majority of the bits that we hold in stock.  Many people over look the importance of the correct bit fit and with many of the bits that we work with the fit is vital to make sure your horse is most comfortable.  It seems to be a common assumption that all horses are a 5.5″.  We are finding that a lot of horses are actually measuring smaller.  This could be due to more refined breeding in Europe and the addition of the thoroughbred into the modern day sports horse.  The horses have a narrower face and often a small mouth coupled with a narrower bottom  jaw.  When we fit a solid mouth piece eg Bomber Happy Tongue, DC Morgan Swivel or Bomber Blue it is so important that the flat part of the mouthpiece is sitting on the bar of your horse’s mouth.  If it isn’t, your horse will not get the correct tongue pressure relief, it could rub on the bars or make your horse more unsettled in the mouth.  We always fit a solid mouthpiece smaller in the mouth than an Elliptical (lozenge) or Control Plate.  In the video which is linked in at the bottom of the page you will see this in more detail.

The photo below has been superbly captured by one of our customers shows exactly how we do not want the Bomber Happy Tongue to fit.  You can see that the bend where the port starts is sitting right on the bar and the flat part is sitting on the lip/corner of the mouth.

We have found out through fitting bits on our own horses just how tricky it is to get photos of the bit in their mouths!  It is definitely a knack that requires some patience!  I think the saying is “don’t work with children or animals!”  It is really helpful if any photos sent in can be in daylight, without fingers or bit guards blocking the view of the bit and the side of the horse’s face and ideally a good clear shot from both sides without a fastened nose band.  When you look at your horse before taking the photo please make sure the bit is level in your horse’s mouth, you might need to give the bridle a wiggle or pop one cheek piece up or down a hole.

We have created a short video HERE of how different mouthpieces fit differently, if ever you’re unsure then please do give us a shout.