A write up from Fran Turner from Diamonds in the Rough Dressage and bitting her ponies through

As training progresses, and ponies develop they often need to change or alternate bits……hence I one again found myself relying on Kirstie’s huge knowledge of the Bombers range to help me!

Sprout has a tiny mouth with a narrow jaw and a short smile ,so it’s a real struggle to find a bit with minimal tongue AND bar pressure, but slim enough not to crowd his mouth.

Forelock and Load are one of very few shops who hire out non-metal bits for riders to trial.

Kirstie has worked with me, hiring out numerous snaffles until we hit on the Bomber Blue Eggbutt with bradoon rings. This bit has a non metal mouth and offers the space and stability Sprout prefers. This encourages him to relax and take the contact forward. I couldn’t have done this without Kirstie, I just want to say a huge thank you from myself and Sprout.

Sprout looking very comfy in his new bit.