Local sponsored rider Dawn Fitch has had a bit of a tough time of late. She has been very busy at work and riding is her down time to de-stress and regroup. Add to the mix a painfully long winter, this is a long awaited happy update. Twilight had been off games with a foot niggle, which as all horse owners know can be a pain in the derriere. Following a very positive “kick on” from their vet, we received this lovely update.

Dawn and Twilight on the way to their win.

“Having been given the green light from the vet to ‘crack on’ after Twilight’s injury and the all clear from the physio, we headed off to our local venue Brook Farm on Sunday for a bit of show jumping.

Now we all know it’s not my favourite phase but I was like a kid at Christmas! I wasn’t able to sleep, as I was so excited to get back out again with the boy.

I only entered 1 class and kept it small (70cm) as I just wanted to see how he felt. I have only jumped him at home over a few fences, so I wanted to introduce him back to it nice and slowly.

Well, not only did he storm round for a foot perfect double clear, he pulled out a win too! I cried happy tears after we had jumped clear! People must have thought I was mad, crying after a clear but I was just so happy to have him back and feeling so well. This on top of a 67.7 dressage the week before, I think we can say he’s feeling well!”

We are absolutely over the moon that Dawn and Twilight are back out doing what they love. We cannot wait to see what they get up to over the summer.