Hey guys!

I’m so sorry I’ve not written a blog post for ages but we’ve been so busy and had some changes. Here’s a roundup of the past few months….

I would like you all to meet Reggie, my new chestnut 15.2hh Welsh X Hanoverian who I’m going to be doing lots of fun things with this summer! He’s still not 100% fit so we are making sure he builds himself up correctly. We had our first jump the other day and he was incredible! Depending on how everything goes in his fitness programme, we hope to event at about 70/80cm this year – he’s an older boy and we just want to have a fun time. I’m so excited and grateful to be able to have him, I’m so lucky!

So, for Kiko, our friend Steph is helping me produce him whilst I gain more experience on Reggie. But I will still be doing things with Kiko and I love him endlessly. 

Finally, Annie has gone off on a holiday by the seaside for a year as she really deserves it. She did so much for me and has evented full on for 11 years. I will still be going to visit her but we miss her so, so much. However, I know it is best for her to have some chilled out horsey time.

I hope you guys have a great rest of the Easter holidays and make sure you go to the Forelock and Load Easter Egg Hunt on Friday 12th April!