Forelock and Load, along with Stübben have placed a huge range of Stübben Accessories with NZ event rider Caroline Powell. The range is vast and the feedback so far has been superb! Caroline is reviewing the Stübben Care Brush On which has been a huge hit with her and the team.

Cherry Blossom Brush On.

The Stübben Care Brush On is a grooming spray which makes brushing manes and tails, a walk in the park. It also helps repel stable and grass stains, perfect for those greys or coloureds.

We have a busy yard with around 20 horses in work, along with the youngsters, so we have plenty of tails and bodies to trial the Brush On.

• The smell! These grooming sprays smell unreal
• You have a silky and knot free tail for days
• Very easy to use and the sprays do not falter
• They look great in the grooming buckets

Stübben Care Brush On is not only a huge time saver but the tails and coats of the horse’s are in really good condition.

Brush On being used in action!

The spray nozzle on the bottle is robust and withstands being used a lot, throughout the course of the day. The tails are super easy to brush through with a soft brush, turnout is a high priority for us, both at home and out and about. All of our horses have daily turnout and we have found it has made a huge difference, keeping those pesky grass stains at bay. The smell is unreal! It’s been really popular with myself and the team, and we’ve even tried it on ourselves!

Stübben are pioneering for a greener way of life and you can buy handy 1 Litre refills for all the sprays. This works really well for a big yard like ours and it’s good to know we are helping the planet at the same time.

Stübben Care Brush On is £12-90 for 500ml and a bottle goes a long way. We only spray our tails once a week and even with the mares, this is more than enough.

The Stübben Care Brush On in Cherry Blossom and Rose and Green Tea are now essential additions to our grooming regime. We use it after bathing and as part of our day to day grooming to keep our horse’s tails and coats in tip top condition. We also keep some on the lorry for whilst we are away.