As we all predicted BD is now following the FEI having updated their rulebook which will come into play in January 1st 2023. Firstly if you’re unsure if your bit is legal, we always recommend you speak to the tack and equipment team of your governing body. This means you will head off to your competition without any doubt that you’re not going to face a costly elimination! Also we need to remember that British Eventing follows BD with its tack and equipment for the dressage phase.

The main changes to note are that the Bombers DC Dressage is sadly no longer legal. We do recommend keeping this as a training bit if your horse goes particularly well in it. It really is a super bit that removes pressure from the bars and the tongue and allows the horse to place the mouthpiece where it deems it most comfortable. You are more than welcome to get in touch with us and we can recommend other bits to trial/buy that are legal and a good option. The Elliptical Cable, Dressage Control Plate, Cable Snaffle and Swivel Weymouth and Ported Barrel Weymouth are no longer legal.

We are working really hard with Bombers to make sure we have the dressage legal options in the shop for those who will need to change their bit.

Here is the LINK to the BD Rule Book and the updated list for you to peruse at your leisure.

Do give us a shout or comment below and we can assist you.

Bombers snaffles no longer legal
Bombers Weymouth’s no longer legal