With the cost of fuel prices at a new record high, is it time to consider an alternative?

Cost of fuel per vehicle ⛽📈

Filling a typical family car’s 55-litre fuel tank with petrol costs £104.13. It’s £108.41 to fill up with diesel. The situation with diesel is different, unfortunately, as wholesale prices last week still put it on course to move closer towards an average of £2 a litre.

Long-term trends towards healthier lifestyles,transport decarbonisation and investment in cycling infrastructure are highly positive for the cycling market

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The researchers said they were anticipating a “revival” in the number of people using their bikes for “non-leisure” functions, including commuting.

Companies like Amazon are seeing this prediction as a beneficial investment and now starting to offer e-commerce service titan: for its first fleet of  e-cargo bikes and walkers

Our new e-cargo bikes, walkers and growing electric vehicle delivery fleet will help us make more zero emission deliveries than ever before across london and the UK in the coming months

– UK Manager John Boumphrey

How long would it take you to offset the cost of your new bike? 💰

In March 2022, the average cost of motor fuel was £1.60 per litre for ultra-low sulphur unleaded petrol and £1.69 per litre for ultra-low sulphur diesel. Owners of petrol cars paid 26.4% more at the pump in the March of 2022 than they did in January 2021 on average; diesel prices were up 28% over the same time period.

Cost of fuel: June 2003 to March 2022

It is reported that the average motorists spend an average of £1,272 a year to fuel petrol and £1,683 on diesel, for cars with average fuel economy. So in a three-year period, with the maximum benefit, you could acquire bikes such as:

Why else would a bike benefit you?

So what could a driver get out of cycling in today’s climate? In addition to saving your pennies, there are some other rather undeniable reasons you should make the switch.

This one is a bit of a no-brainer. Of course, getting outside and using your lungs and muscles is healthier than sitting like a blob in a car, but studies have shown riding a bike also makes people happier. 

1.) It’s healthier

It’s simple: exercise is good for you. Riding boosts the brain chemicals that make you happy. Being outside also increases your daily amount of vitamin D, and when combined with exercise, likely means a better night’s sleep.

2.) It’s more than fun

Cars can be fun, but even the most exciting vehicles aren’t great to drive on public roads. Speed limits, other traffic, safety laws: all these things handicap and effectively strangle the fun and performance out of driving. 

3.) Parking is easier

Parking a bike is vastly easier than parking a car. Some workplaces let you bring your bike in. Failing that, typically there’s a bike rack or a nearby signpost or even a tree that you can lock your bike to. 

4.) It’s consistent

Road repairs, traffic accidents, breakdowns, public transportation strikes, you name it there’s little you can do other than wait them out when faced with these obstacles. Riding a bike eliminates most of these issues, however, especially if you’re lucky enough to be able to ride a bike or multi-use path on your commute.

5.) It maximizes time

Commuting is a good way of eliminating other tasks, like going to the gym. Add some fitness to your daily regime without the hassle of setting aside a dedicated workout.

6.) Helping the community

It’s less wear and tear on the public roads, less pollution in the air, less traffic and congestion for other cars, allows more parking spots and is less noisy through areas.

Cube Touring Hybrid one

1.) Cube Touring Hybrid One 500

  • Frame – Aluminium Superlite, Gravity Casting Technology, Efficient Comfort Geometry, Tapered Headtube, Full Integrated Battery, Semi-Integrated Carrier.
  • Fork – SR Suntour NVX30 Coil, 100mm.
  • Drive Unit – Bosch Drive Unit Performance Generation 3 (65Nm) Cruise (250Watt).
  • Battery – Bosch PowerTube 500.
Go Cycle G4

2.) Gocycle G4

  • All-New G4drive –Smooth and quiet, Gocycle’s bespoke new G4drive™ delivers more torque with class-leading compact packaging.
  • Carbon Fibre mid-frame –This central component of G4’s monocoque chassis has the important job of connecting the hydroformed aluminium front frame and Gocycle’s patented magnesium Cleandrive.
  • Carbon Fibre Single-Sided Front Fork –The Gocycle G4’s all-new single-sided carbon front fork houses the fully integrated G4drive electric motor. Its smooth and flowing lines help to reduce stress and overall weight.
  • New Gocycle Tyre –MotoGP-inspired treaded tyre infused with silica compound for superior grip and sure-footed handling
  • Integrated USB Port –1amp USB charger for phone charging on the go
  • Low Energy Bluetooth ­– Improved phone and Gocycle app connectivity
Specialized Turbo Tero

3.) Specialized Turbo Tero 4.0 EQ

  • Turbo Full Power 2.0 Motor and 710 Wh Battery – effectively quadruple your own power, cranking out ample wattage to make short work of the steepest climbs
  • Mission Control and MasterMind – Mission Control allows you to tailor Tero’s power output levels to your desired preference
  • Mountain Bike DNA – Tero’s componentry is tailored to enhance control and confidence.
  • Turbo System Lock – Use the Mission Control app to disable your bike’s motor and activate the motion sensor alarm. 
  • Equipped with DRYTECH Fenders LED front and rear lights, and 27kg capacity rear HD Rack.
Trek Dual Sport 3 Hybrid

4.) 2022 Trek Dual Sport 3 Hybrid

  • The 1x drivetrain gives you all the gears you need and none you don’t
  • The fork’s hydraulic lockout feature ensures you’re always riding efficiently: close it for smooth Tarmac, open it up on rougher trails
  • A wide range of gearing means that you never have to pedal too hard or too soft, even on the biggest hills
  • It’s easy to accessorise with racks, a kickstand, mudguards, lights and fitness devices to track your ride data when you add DuoTrap S
  • Internal cable routing extends the life of your cables and adds to the bike’s sleek look
Specialized T

5.) Specialized Sirrus Hybrid

  • The carbon FACT 9 fork delivers comfort and saves nearly 3 pounds (1.2kg) over Sirrus 2.0 model.
  • Wide range of 2×9 MicroSHIFT components for intuitive and precise shifting.
  • Lightweight 2-piece crank for years of performance.