Improve Your Cycling Joy – How you fill your free time is entirely up to you and depends on the type of person you are. But there’s no escaping the fact that the healthy option is best for you. In more ways than one. It’s so good for you that you shouldn’t exclude it.

Cycling ranks among one of the best out there. Because it benefits you in so many ways, not just building up your stamina and leg strength. It can be incredibly relaxing and rewarding, it’s good for your mind and spirit. In this article, we offer a few basic ways to improve your cycling skills.

Watch the Professionals

Now you know that just by watching the professionals you aren’t going to improve magically overnight
When you’re watching them, even if you’re not consciously doing it, you’ll be assimilating their techniques, maybe even their style. You’ll find someone that’ll you’ll want to emulate, maybe it’s their own signature riding style or just something they do that resonates with you. If you’re really serious about it you’ll seek out the best in their fields and study their form.

Practice makes Perfect

Talk about a no-brainer. If you don’t practice you won’t get any better will you? Get out on your bike as often as possible. Doesn’t matter if it’s a short ride, just do it. You’ll soon find that the more you benefit from it, the more you enjoy it. You’ll find the time to cram in an extra half-hour here and there. It’ll dovetail neatly into your life and you’ll feel better in your downtime.

Rest Up

Never forget that downtime is just as important as your time on the saddle. You really may have to force yourself to rest if the allure of just one more ride becomes too much. Fatigue can take a terrible toll on the unprepared and may lead to injuries. You don’t need to fill your downtime with studying cycling. Take a break. Refresh yourself fully so you’re completely ready for your next session.

Tackle Different Terrains

Adding some variety to your cycling route can help you learn to control your bike in different situations. It will help build familiarity with how your bike handles when the terrain changes, helping you to build up a lexicon of automatic responses ready for when you need them. It can also show some sights you might never have seen had you stuck to your usual cycling route.

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Ride with your pack

Why experience the joys of your cycling alone? Gather some friends together and go out and explore. Instead of slipstreaming and comparing Strava data: Get out, have a chat as you go, and stop off for a pint or a mug of coffee and a slice of cake. Aside from the fun element, you can compare notes and tips. Maybe you’ll learn something new: Every day is a school day. If you’re serious you can drive each other to achieve more, to go that extra mile, to go further than you’ve ever been before.

Stop hating on hills

Hills may be your nemesis when you start out. You might look for routes that avoid them. But the fact is: Hills make you fit. They’ll start by making it feel like they’re destroying your legs and lungs but keep going. They’ll soon help you build up the length strength to beat them while boosting your cardiovascular fitness too.
If you want to go faster: make sure to include them on your route.

Once at the crown, you’ll be able to take a break and admire the views. Then you get to enjoy the descent!

Smash 100 miles

To some this is the apex of their road to cycling competency. Don’t be fooled it’s a long ride. Make sure you’ve prepared properly:
Plan your route, carefully. Take into account the weather, the topography and whether or not you’ve got enough food to get you through. If you’re doing it for the experience plan to take all day. Enjoy the sights and don’t panic about your speed or cadence. If you’re not used to longer rides take plenty of breaks to stretch or walk around.
If you aren’t used to riding long distances, plan regular stops for a stretch, snack or walk around. Pace yourself so that you have enough energy to complete the ride.

Whatever you choose to do: Enjoy the ride.