Going Fast Never Looked So Good.

Born from the winningest race shoe in the world but made for the booming ride culture, we’d like you to meet the S-Works 7 Lace. It takes the World Tour performance of the S-Works 7 and combines it with laces to create one of the most supple and adaptable uppers for next-level fit. Combined with Body Geometry technology for optimum foot, knee, and ankle alignment, going fast never looked so good. 

Lace ’em up! 

By utilising laces, the shoe offers 12 separate points of tension adjustment to dial in the perfect hold across the entire foot, while the removal of plastic hardware allows the engineered mesh upper to seamlessly adapt to more foot shapes for a sublime, supple fit. If you have always wanted to experience S-Works 7 performance but had any fit concerns, this is the shoe for you.  

Lightweight Performer

The removal of plastic hardware also removes considerable weight. The S-Works 7 Lace weighs a feathery 236 grams (one shoe, size 44), so you’ll be looking good and feeling good when the road points uphill. 

Powerful Foundation

The foundation for all this is the technology pioneered for the S-Works 7. Our Powerline™ carbon outsole—the lightest and stiffest outsole ever—creates the ideal platform for power delivery. PadLock™ heel comfortably holds the rear of your foot, while the engineered mesh upper ensures every watt is sacred. 

Body Geometry 

The human body evolved to walk, not pedal, which leads to power-robbing foot collapse, misalignment of the foot, knee, and hip, as well as “hot foot” in traditional cycling shoes. Body Geometry shoes, including the new S-Works 7 Lace, solve these problems with three patented technologies to deliver a pain-free increase in power that’s validated by scientific testing and two decades of well-documented ass kicking.

Whether riders want a relaxed coffee ride shoe, a lightweight climber, or a supple and adaptive fit that compliments their race shoe, the S-Works 7 Lace marries classic style to race-winning heritage and performance.  

Words by Specialized 2022