Have you ever wanted to feel the pure thrill of riding a high-end road bike? Well, now is your chance. Experience the best in road bikes from BMC and Cervelo free of charge at Northern Gateway Colchester on July 20th 5PM – 8PM.

  • FREE parking for 4 hours.
  • Exclusive use of the track.
  • Food and drink will be available on site.
  • Please bring your own pedals and helmet.

No Helmet, No Ride. ➡ https://cutt.ly/4LHLTQm

Cycling in Colchester has a new home and it is the Colchester Sports Park! Boasting a 1-mile all-weather floodlit closed road cycle circuit, the largest in the East of England, we provide the ideal space for road cycling for enthusiasts of all abilities, with multiple individual circuits enabling novices and more experienced riders to enjoy it at the same time. Familiarise yourself with just some of the world-defying bikes you will ride at this event…

BMC Teammachine SLR

The Teammachine SLR has won every major title that a bike can win including; Monuments, World Championships, Olympic Games and the Tour de France.

Using the combined knowledge from the past decade, BMC has changed the game again to deliver an all-new, class-leading frameset ready to lead for another 10 years. ACE+ not only runs through thousands of virtual prototypes using Stiffness, Weight and Compliance as key influencers but now includes a fourth key factor in the prototyping, Aerodynamics. The ICS Carbon is a one-piece cockpit with incredibly low weight, high stiffness, stealth cable routing and integrated device mounts for the most popular devices. An improved Seatpost design removes any excess materials, providing aerodynamic benefits and extra compliance.

Renowned for its power transfer, the new Teammachine SLR goes one step further with a wider bottom bracket contact area provided by the new downtube shape and the optimized carbon layup. An aerodynamically reshaped fork with stealth dropout design and integrated thru-axle nut show that high technical proficiency can go hand in hand with beautiful, minimalist aesthetics.

BMC Teammachine SLR

BMC Timemachine Road

Aerodynamics always matters, and optimising aerodynamics by integrating components unlocks free speed. Add ruthless efficiency, precise handling and refined comfort, and you have the Timemachine Road 01. At its core, the TCC Speed, Premium Carbon frame and fork incorporate the Aero Module, front brake Aero Cover, ICS Aero bar and stem, Aero seat post and Stealth Cable Routing. Go wireless with SRAM’s Rival eTap AXS 12-speed groupset, which is paired with fast 50mm CRD-501 Carbon wheels.

BMC Timemachine Road

BMC Roadmachine

Meet the Roadmachine: the bike that truly does it all. Rooted in endurance, the frame has been revised to perfection and added more compliance-boosting attributes to make this bike your go-to choice for all-day adventures. As BMC’s highest performing all-rounder, it’s designed to go the distance with resolve. After all, what use is a road without the Roadmachine?

The aesthetic simplicity and innovative functionality of the Integrated Cockpit is the epitome of Swiss engineering and design. ICS keeps cables and housing in their place: out of sight. The most capable version of the TCC technology: take the edge off the roughest roads to push harder and ride further. The ultimate balance between comfort and performance for a ride that is both forgiving and fast.

BMC Teammachine SLR

Cervelo R5

R5 has one job—get to the top, fast. But for all the glory and fanfare that comes with a summit finish, they’re rarely the only climb of the day. And while a race isn’t usually won on a descent, it can certainly be lost. A climbing bike that can’t carve a hairpin is a bit like a cup of decaf coffee. This is the fourth iteration of the R5, and while weight and stiffness have varied over the years, the handling, poise, and unmatched prowess on a descent have been consistent since day one.

Faster in every direction: The new R5 frame is 130g lighter than the previous model—a 16% reduction from an already-light frame.  And while aerodynamics weren’t a focus with this frame the way they would be on an S5 or P5, bringing the cables inside reduced drag by 25g.

Aspero 5

Our engineers like to joke that, “if it looks fast, it probably is.” But there’s some truth to that, and Áspero-5 looks fast standing still. No cables in the wind, tube shapes from our aerodynamically-proven library, and a hint of a cut-out in the seat tube, all add up to a bike that proves the adage.

Some might say aero doesn’t matter on a gravel bike, but if you’ve battled a headwind across an open prairie, the thirty-two grams of drag you’ll save with the Áspero-5 come as a welcome respite. Most gravel racing is done without the benefit of a World Tour peloton—or World Tour tactics—and when it’s your nose in the wind all day, it’s nice to know your bike’s shouldering a bit of the load.

Cervelo Calendonia

The Caledonia-5 is the bike we keep reaching for when we know the odometer’s going well past the triple-digit mark. Long rides invariably have some smooth tarmac, some junk pavement over backroads, a cutty singletrack connector, and maybe even your own local Strade Bianche sector. So we built a bike that could take on all of them, do it well, and fit fenders in case the ominous clouds turn into a downpour 130km into your day.

The Cervélo frame, fork, handlebars, and associated components are designed to hide brake and shift control lines (mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic) from the wind for improved aerodynamics, without sacrificing usability or performance.

In addition, you can expect Unrestricted Gravel Bikes and Twostroke MTBs

Colchester Sports Park