Going on a one-hour, three-hour or full-day ride? Ambassadors Nigel (and Woody) walk you through the essentials.

Is there a technique for packing your ride backpack? Of course, there is! It’s all about knowing what to bring in order to be prepared for unforeseen mechanicals out on the trail, keeping energy levels high and minimising the weight of the pack so that it stays as light and comfortable as possible. 

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What’s Nigel packing?

As a trail leader, Ambassador Nigel is all too familiar with his gear and bringing the right stuff on the day can really help you get the most out of your ride. Get familiar with his kit below:

Length of ride: One or two hours

If you’re only going for a short ride, these bare essentials are the lightest way to go and will provide all you need for a fun-packed experience out on the trails.

The basics


There is more often than not something that needs readjusting out on a ride which is where a multi-tool will come in handy. The Topeak Alien 2 is my weapon of choice as it has everything you need.


There are tons of small, yet powerful hand pumps on the market today. The Cannondale Mini Pump BKE is a fantastic option with a retractable flexible hose and fully sealed weatherproof internals.

Water bottle

Staying hydrated is of utmost importance for anyone looking to pursue mountain biking. Our handy water bottles will help you do that.

Nutrition Bars

Keeping your strength up is important for anyone hitting the trails, a simple energy bar can store those glycogen stores giving you that extra boost when it matters most. Nigel likes Torqs Explore Flapjacks. The Carrot Cake flavour is especially good!


In case of a puncture. With 26’’, 27,5’’ and 29’’ wheels on the market, make sure to bring the right size tubes to fit your bike.

Length of ride: Two to three hours

Going for a longer ride can lead to more wear and more exhaustion, these items will allow you to keep your spirits high and do more of the things you love with next to no problems.

Nigel’s collective of trail tech

Tyre repair strips

Used to cover tyre tears and stop the inner tube poking through. This is a temporary measure, however a quick and effective way to get you through the rest of your ride.

Muc-Off Tubeless Tyre Plugs

The Muc-Off Tubeless Tyre Plugs is a tough and durable handle with a 2-in-1 puncture plug/reamer tool. It comes with 5x thick plugs and 5x thin plugs all packed together in a handy storage pouch.

Small adjustable wrench

Need a nut tightened or a pedal removed, well a handy wrench can be your saviour. Make sure to pack it before heading out.

Puncture kit with levers

If you’re tubeless and want to stay that way, these small repair kits can fix small rips in your sidewall so that you can seal your tyre again.

Spare chain link

A link can make all the difference if you happen to snap your chain, and it doesn’t take up any space.

Cable ties

So small, yet so useful. Zip-ties can hold together and fix most things, to get you home or to a bike shop in case of a mechanical.

Length of ride: Full day

A three to four-hour ride is serious business and it’s important to be properly prepared. For the more serious trail riders, you will need some extra emergency items in case the worst strikes.

Nigel’s First Aid Kit

First aid kit

You can get pretty far away from civilisation in 4 hours, so make sure to bring a first aid kit if you or your riding buddy happen to have an accident.

Survival bag

A heavy-duty plastic bag, to keep you warm and away from the elements. This doubles as a rain shelter and should keep up to two people warm and dry.

Foil blanket

Used in emergency evacuation and first aid rescues, this foil design makes it perfect for retaining body heat, we hope you won’t need it, but should you, you’ll be nice and toasty until help arrives.

Wind Jacket

Endura wind jackets pack small and light and make a huge difference if the weather turns for the worst.

Emergency sweets

Because you know, they’re great!

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