We are proud to announce that we have partnered up with Investors in cycling, a great community that illustrates the importance of what’s good for you and the environment.

The Investor in Cycling Leadership Group comprises companies who have made substantial commitments in time, resources and funding to support and shape our advocacy programme to grow cycling and strengthen the industry. Meeting regularly to inform the work of the BA, our Leaders help fund and guide our collective purpose to grow cycling together. A number of these companies amplify this work by collecting the Retailer Advocacy Fund.

Reasons why we love the intiative


Investors in Cycling companies support the BA’s advocacy campaigns – both in resources and in active advocacy engagement.

Their advocacy objectives for 2022 are relentlessly focused on topics of common interest for the cycling industry. At the heart of our advocacy work is what we call the ‘economic case for cycling’; the economic and employment case that we as the cycle industry are uniquely positioned to make.

Growing the local bicycle economy

With £2 billion committed to supporting cycling and walking nationally in the Government’s Gear Change policy, the focus must now turn to delivering infrastructure investments at a local level. The BA is now working to bring together data, partners and policymakers to deliver meaningful, measurable change to increase cycling investment on the ground regionally and locally.

Children’s cycling

Giving every child the opportunity to cycle ensures our industry continues to grow. Securing the Government’s commitment to the provision of training for every child was a huge success for our advocacy work last year. Now we aim to guarantee that every child has the right to learn to ride, access a bicycle, train on-road, places to ride and have fun and a positive experience of cycling when young.