Our Specialized Store Chelmsford took to the trail to test the Crankbrothers Stamp Shoes and Stamp 7 Pedals out and they gave us the verdict.

Crankbrothers Stamp Shoes

Thin pedal with a concave design and shoes with a modern design and a stiff/supportive sole yet still very grippy.

Stamp 7 Pedals

Pedals are thin and lightweight for a large platform flat pedal, offering incredible grip in all types of terrain and situations on the bike. Available in Small and Large platforms in Black, Red, Orange, Purple, Green, and Blue. The shoes are very lightweight and very comfortable for all-day riding, offering a great combination of supportiveness from the sole for efficient pedaling and yet grippy enough to not experience the dreaded foot slip off the pedals. The shoes are available in Black/Red, Black/Silver/Gum, Navy/Silver/Gum.

Stamp 7 Pedals and Crankbrothers Stamp Shoes

The Crankbrothers Stamp Shoes and Stamp 7 Pedals are a very high-quality flat pedal/shoe combination, offering great grip in a lightweight package, perfect for anything from light trail riding to flat-out downhill laps. I think it’s worth trying the sizing out before buying, to be sure you get the right size shoes. Ther are great well-designed shoes that work well on the trail and on the road. The shoes come in great colours but the black just does it so well. The padded tongue the shoes have makes the shoe really breathable and not constricting on the foot. They are really grippy on the pedals which is why they work so well with the 7 pedals. The synergy they have with each other is unparalleled. Not only are they great on the trails they are awesome on hikes too due to the breathability. Overall a must-buy.