As it says on the tin, well on the frame.

Anytour vs Explore, Two bikes similar yet different

Anytour, upright comfort riding position with easy access frame, ideal for leisurely gentle rides offering lots off pedal assistance from the giant tuned Yamaha motor powered by a Panasonic battery.
Lockable comfort air forks and the adjustable stem makes this bike the ultimate comfort machine for a rider wishing to take in their environment.

Anytour vs Explore

As it says on the tin, well on the frame.

Explore virtually anywhere on this dynamic and versatile pedal-assisted bicycle.
Phenomenal range and power from the Yamaha motor.
Featuring in-frame battery full mudguards, rack, lights, and side stand.. this bike (within reason) can go anywhere.

Just because “tour” isn’t in the name doesn’t mean you can’t tour on this one, you certainly could.

With the Anytour vs Explore, they are both insanely good.

It can open a world of endless possibilities, allowing anyone to experience the joy of riding far and fast. It doesn’t matter if you are a regular rider who spins the pedals every day or if you haven’t sat on a bike saddle in decades, you’re likely to find a model that you like in Giant’s lineup. If you want to enjoy speed, cover longer distances, and look awesome, one of the Giant electric hybrid bikes is the right option for you. Giant e-bikes are very good, considering that this is the biggest cycling brand in the world. Hybrid e-bikes are the perfect entry point for beginners opening up more opportunities for cyclists.

Words: Kevin Fulcher. Ipswich Revolution Store. 2022