We recently assisted a CRMCS customer, Citrus-Lime, in acquiring and deploying Omnichannel for Dynamics 365 Customer Service with the live-chat add-on. We spent a day with Citrus on-site as they launched their new live chat widget. We assigned new licenses to users, updated their security roles, and checked their access after acquiring the correct licenses.

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Dedicated Resources

To give you an insight into the resources involved in this project and the time dedicated are as follows:

Licenses required: Each chat user needs a Dynamics 365 Customer Service Enterprise license and Chat for Dynamics 365 Customer Service license.

The dedicated operations and personnel required to bring Omnichannel to life were:
> Dynamics Functional Consultant from CRMCS
> Head of Customer Support at Citrus-Lime
> Web designer and support team member at Citrus-Lime

All in the project took 4 days to complete from build to Go-Live. That includes a day of on-site support when Citrus went live.  

The Project

Following that, we worked with the team leader to configure the settings, live chat widget, and workstream.

Prior to this, we spent a few weeks testing and fine-tuning the live chat widget on a development site. This enabled us to submit live chats, test the surveys, and ensure that the correct users were receiving the chat. We simply moved the chat widget to the live website to make Omnichannel operational. Everything else was managed from the Omnichannel admin center, which required a developer to add the code for the chat widget to the website.

When the widget was added to the website, live chats were immediately routed to the Omnichannel app. Users had no problems viewing or responding to chats. Citrus previously used a third-party live chat provider, so the Dynamics data and the live chat window were displayed in separate tabs. The Omnichannel app allows users to view all of this data in a single window. Within the pre-chat survey, they capture the email allowing users to quickly view customers, view their cases, and create a new case if necessary.

As mentioned above – Citrus originally used a third-party Live Chat provider, which did not integrate with Dynamics. This meant users were tasked with resolving a live chat, creating a case for each live chat, and then copying and pasting the transcript into an activity, linked to the case. This would take several minutes for each chat. Omnichannel saves every chat as an activity, automatically linking them to a customer where possible. Not all chats need to convert into cases and because chats are automatically created as activities – users no longer need to create a case and copy and paste the chat. When speaking to users they couldn’t believe how much time they were saving.

The Benefits

The Conversation Insights dashboard is an out-of-the-box Power BI report, that comes with Omnichannel. It gives a great overview of the live chat throughout the day. Some useful metrics include:

  • The total number of chats for the day
  • Number of ongoing chats
  • Average wait time
  • Longest wait time
  • Number of chats in each status
  • Average wrap-up time

Citrus handled 226 chats from the time it went live until the end of the week (3 days). Only 74 of the 226 chats resulted in a case. If it used to take Citrus 2/3 minutes for users to create a case for a chat, even if it didn’t need one, that means they’ve saved between 5 and 8 hours by not having to create unnecessary cases, because chats are now automatically saved as activities. If we apply the same logic to the entire year, Citrus will save between 400 and 700 hours. That time saving is priceless for any business.

Citrus has observed the following benefits of Omnichannel:
• Less time spent navigating between tabs
• Fully integrated live chat and CRM
• Better out-of-the-box reporting and the ability to create your own
• Significant time savings.

a game-changer and seamless transition

I began looking for a new service desk software solution, as we were using a non-integrated Live Chat provider side by side with CRM and were manually transferring data from one system to the other. This was time-consuming and not conducive to my department’s productivity and efficiency.

When shopping around for an alternative provider, Omnichannel was the obvious option. It provides all the same features as its competitors, but the fact that it is fully integrated with our CRM system made it an easy decision. Now my Customer Support team can immediately link incoming live chat conversations with customer records, thus seeing previous inquiries in their timeline, and can raise cases at the click of a button, all without leaving Dynamics. It has been a game-changer, shaving minutes off the turnaround of each inquiry and dramatically improving productivity.

Admittedly, moving systems was a daunting prospect, as there was a large amount of work required in preparation. However, the team at CRMCS provided me with the training and reassurance that I needed. They metaphorically held my hand throughout and visited us for the go-live, spending the day on-site, troubleshooting any issues, and filling any gaps in knowledge. In the end, the transition was seamless and now we are left wondering why we waited so long.

– Jenna Lees, Citrus-Lime Limited

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