Imagine if your system could automatically derive the meaning from an incoming document, invoice, photo or even handwritten notes and pass this meaning into the system to help automate the transaction and drive the next step in your workflow.

We are excited to be exhibiting at the London Law Expo in October 2018 and demonstrating how Cognitive Services can do just that – how this technology can be used with CRM and SharePoint to bring Machine Learning and Advanced Automation to improve your business workflow.

The world of Image Recognition and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) has advanced significantly in recent years as Machine Learning has progressed to allow systems to learn the patterns and variables in literally millions of different images and documents.

It is now increasingly easy to automate how systems interpret the flows of information coming into your business, and use deeper machine learning to automatically read meaning from Documents, Photos and Emails.

At CRMCS, we have been at the forefront of how CRM and other Line of Business Systems work with Documents and Emails through our development of the DocMan IP to integrate Dynamics 365 and SharePoint – and this has allowed us to look at how this can be extended to bring Cognitive Services into how businesses can efficiently handle Documents and Images.

In a practical sense this means:

1. Legal Scanning with Automatic Content Type – Uploading a Legal Document into CRM, we can use OCR to read the content of the document and automatically file to the correct project and with the correct content type.  This added Metadata to the Document then triggering workflow to update the status of the project as a result.

2. Document to Invoice – Configure a ‘dropbox’ for Invoices that then reads that the Document is an Invoice, creates the Invoice record in CRM, and attaches the document to the new record in CRM for good file keeping.  This approach can work for Invoices, Orders, Leads or other ‘transactional’ records we manage through our CRM System.

3. Notes to CRM – Scan handwritten notes and have this information automatically populate through into the list of Next Actions in CRM as a result.

4. Image Recognition – If we work with a 3rd Party Contractor that sends us a series of images from an App to CRM, each image is automatically given a Description and Metadata of the Image Content which can be used in future Searches or Filtering for similar images.

5. Task Response – Read the content of an email or document and automatically convert into a particular type of task, based on the rules and Machine Learning in our system that can perform text matching of the Email or Document to the Type of Task intended.

This is a list of examples for how we have configured DocMan to work with Azure Cognitive Services to build better automation – but essentially the possibilities are endless with how we can automate inflows of information and have your systems react accordingly to build stronger efficiencies in our business processes.

At the heart of each example is how Cognitive Services reads the Document or Image on upload to derive the meaning, and then populate required SharePoint Metadata or CRM Attributes based on this derived meaning – and then trigger Workflow in CRM as result of the meaning uploaded from the Document or Image.

For us this is done through CRM and the Microsoft Cloud, and we will be demonstrating our DocMan and Cognitive Services approach at the Law Expo to show how we can incorporate new cutting-edge technology to the way we do business.

At the core of this innovative thinking is how we use the Cloud to connect Business with increasingly advanced Technology, and how partners such as ourselves at CRMCS provide the linking components to make this possible and help businesses to make use of this technology.

This ultimately works to drive efficiency, reduce time spent on BAU and bring better ways of working into your business.

In how we do this, we connect Legal and Asset Management Businesses with:

  • Dynamics 365
  • SharePoint for Cloud Document Management
  • Cognitive Services
  • Mobile Apps for 3rd Party Agents
  • Case Management for Legal Practices and Solicitors

If you are attending the London Law Expo on the 9th of October, then please come and join us at Stand A3 and see a demonstration of Cognitive Services in CRM, and our way of doing CRM in action.

Or if not attending, contact us here to arrange an Online Demo, as seeing the technology here really is believing.


How it works >> Metadata is built from the Image based on Cognitive Services – this Metadata is then mapped by DocMan to attributes of the Record in Dynamics 365, or to Metadata Attributes in SharePoint


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