Shaw & Co are award-winning corporate finance experts offering advisory services to UK SMEs on funding, buying, and selling businesses. We have created this article to explain how CRMCS worked with Shaw & Co on a DocDrive365 project. Shaw & Co’s vision was to configure a functionality where DocDrive365 would create a Microsoft Team or a Folder per Account depending on which of the 2 was selected by the user. DocDrive365 is our in-house document…

At CRMCS, we focus many of our articles on how to build PowerApps and Dynamics.
Our DocDrive365 IP focuses on how to engage SharePoint content, specifically documents and Metadata, within Power Apps and Dynamics.

This series of articles in our monthly newsletter is going to look at how we develop new web parts in SharePoint that can help us integrate Dynamics and DocDrive365 into our Intranets – so we can start thinking of SharePoint, Teams and Dynamics as a single solution for business; and not lose the benefits of these Applications when a business or partner only focuses on Dynamics or only focuses on SharePoint.

Hopefully this article will provide you with a good feel for what is possible.