But keeping your site’s product pages up to date can be a task in itself. There’s all the images to find and descriptions to add.

This information is really important because it ensures customers choose the right item. When they do, they’re happy and you don’t end up with a stack of returned goods. Besides, if shoppers can’t find information about a product they’re looking for, they’ll probably leave your site to find it elsewhere.

But adding product data takes time and that’s something many independent retailers don’t have. Time spent looking up item details means you’re distracted from doing other jobs that enable your business to grow.

So, it stands to reason that anything that allows you to keep your website in tip top condition, can only make life a lot easier for you.

Cloud POS Supplier Integration does just that. It’s a simple, but clever piece of technology that takes all the effort and time out of manually entering product data on your website.

It works by activating full product details on your ecommerce site as soon as you book your stock in. It’s an automatic process, so you don’t have to worry about your updating your site yourself.

Cloud POS adds comprehensive product data that contains all the info customers need. Items contain short and long descriptions, tech specs, colours, sizes and images. It’s as simple as that. No time wasted, no effort, no delays getting stock online. And, because it’s fully optimised, your stock can be found when shoppers ‘Google’ them.

With products online straight away, you can make the most of selling at full margin for longer. It also reduces the prospect of discounting at the end of the season.

Make ecommerce easy and profit more from your website. For more information about Cloud POS Supplier Integration, get in touch with our team.