Speaking of the gift, Neil McQuillan, CEO of Citrus-Lime, said: “The service Duddon & Furness Mountain Rescue Team provides is vital to anyone taking to the outdoors. As a voluntary service, mountain rescue can be a thankless task and it’s one that carries a huge amount of personal risk to every member of the team.

“Many of us at Citrus-Lime, myself included, have a passion for all things outdoors. We understand all too well that mountain rescue is often the unsung hero of getting out there, but the contribution it makes to the Cumbrian community and those who visit the Lake District can’t be underestimated. As a consequence, it gives me great pleasure in making a donation to help keep the service running for the benefit of everyone.”

News of the donation comes on the back of an exceptional period of growth for Citrus-Lime. Over the last 12 months, the company has processed £462 million worth of clients’ business through its End-to-End Cloud Retail Solution and is projected to smash the £600 million mark in 2021-2022. As such, the business is keen to add a number of technical jobs to the 50 staff it already employs across its offices in South Cumbria and Manchester.

The 35 strong Duddon & Furness Mountain Rescue Team provides a variety of search and rescue assistance. The team, which is run by volunteers from across the area, operates under the control of the Police and also supports the Ambulance, Coast Guard and Fire & Rescue Services.  It covers situations throughout the area where the other services have restricted access – from a high rock face to a rural field. Their main tasks are search, medical care and evacuation, including swift water rescue and flood assistance.

Martin Cooper, with 17 years membership of the Duddon & Furness Mountain Rescue Team, including 250 call-outs, added: “The support of the local community and firms such as Citrus-Lime is highly valued, both financially and in terms of recognition of the work that we do. It is a most timely donation as we try to raise funds for a purpose-built base to replace our current unheated industrial units, when COVID-19 has had a great impact on fundraising. We rely on modest donations from all walks of life and gain great satisfaction from knowing that we are highly regarded throughout the community.”

Based at Foxfield, near Broughton in Furness, Duddon & Furness Mountain Rescue is a registered charity. The annual running costs of the service is around £40,000 so donations to help keep Duddon & Furness Mountain Rescue operating are always welcome.