But it isn’t just about the cost of acquisition, customers can be unpredictable. If they find a better deal elsewhere, they’re more than happy to shop elsewhere.

To mitigate this, many retailers resort to offering discounts at the point of sale. While it may secure an immediate win, there’s no guarantee the customer will return in the future.

According to statistics, around 60% of customers don’t view discounts as a compelling enough reason to come back. The upshot is that heavy discounting doesn’t always offer long-term benefits.

Ideal customers, on the other hand, are those who repeatedly choose to buy from you. In light of this, it’s wise to have a strategy in place to encourage their commitment to you. Enter Cloud POS Loyalty; designed to help independent retailers attract and retain customers.

Cloud POS Loyalty reduces the risk of one-time-only customers. It does this by incentivising shoppers with discounts on future purchases from you. It’s a meaningful way to thank loyal customers and grow your business.

The scheme works in-store and online and you have full control over the discount amount you offer. Additionally, you can customise the duration of the offer to suit your business needs.

It’s a win-win situation. Customers receive a great deal, and you have the opportunity to build a devoted customer base.

Implementing Cloud POS Loyalty is straightforward. It boosts revenues and reduces the need for end-of-season discounting.

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