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So you’ve done it, you’ve pushed the button and ordered your shiny new bike – exciting! If you’re new to the world of cycling (or this is your first new bike in a while) we thought a few quick tips on how to make the most out of your new bike might be helpful. Check out our top 5 tips below.

Make sure your helmet is fit for purpose


If you don’t have a helmet already, please consider buying one. If you do, please check it’s fit for purpose – check for any damage (internal or external) and replace if needs be. Many manufacturers recommend replacing your helmet regardless of visible wear at least every 3-5 years as the materials do degrade over time.

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Keep your bike secure

Keep it secure

When you’re not riding, consider where your bike will be kept, and how you can keep it as secure as possible. A decent lock is a good place to start. A bicycle cover is also something worth considering.

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Make sure to get your saddle height right

Get Comfy

There are various tweaks you can make to bike set-up to make it as comfy/safe as possible! One of the most important ones is your saddle height – to check your saddle is where it should be, drop your pedal to the lowest point (crank pointing down at 6’oclock) and place your heel on the pedal. Your leg should be straight, so when you have your foot in the right position there will be a slight bend in your leg (Around 30 degrees).

Look after your bike and it will look after you

Look after your bike, and it will look after you

Keep your bike clean, make sure to regularly degrease the chain and apply fresh lube. Get your bike serviced regularly to ensure everything keeps working as it should. We offer a FREE 6 week check-up with each bike we sell – we’ll remind you when this is due!

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Have Fun!

Last, but not least – have fun!

That’s what cycling is all about 🙂

Above all we want your experience with your new bike to be as enjoyable as possible! If you find yourself needing help with anything at all then please don’t hesitate to ask – our team is on hand to make sure you get all the help you need.
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