A lack of light, time or decent weather can influence what we feel we can or want to do. The introduction of turbo trainers has changed how we view the winter months by training indoors.

That is not to say you cannot undertake your sessions/keep your legs turning. Turbo trainers have been around for many years. They allow you to take part in structured sessions, whenever you feel like it or when a window of opportunity arises in your busy day. With your training moving indoors you can tailor your sessions accordingly.

More recently, technology has evolved to remove the boredom that many riders struggled with when completing these sessions or spending time on the turbo. Smart Trainers, as opposed to your standard models, allow you to use interactive software through ANT+ and Bluetooth. This makes for an immersive experience that connects you to the virtual reality cycling world.

Technology has changed as has the traditional A-frame connection. Previously your bike would be entered into a frame via the rear wheel. Direct Drive turbos allow you to remove the rear wheel and attach directly via the dropouts to the turbo. You will need a cassette unless you want to remove the existing one from your wheel.

Traditional turbo trainers allow you to secure your bike using the rear wheel and use a flywheel to generate resistance. They are cheaper than Smart Trainers with the resistance altered using your gears. Akin to riding outdoors minus the elements and rolling terrain.

Smart Trainers introduce the world of virtual racing. This interactive experience can alleviate boredom as the ride experience can mimic the course, including the gradient for a much more authentic feel. If that was not enough, you can challenge your mates, riding the same course for a little competitive edge.